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Shayla Quinn

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"Positive Guidance"
“I didn’t know what to expect, and I was, dare I say it, skeptical. ⁣Much to my surprise, talking to the psychic was very calming and sweet! ⁣ She told me what she was reading from my energy and gave some positive guidance and encouragement. ⁣”
“Fresh Perspective”
“I enjoyed connecting with a psychic, she gave me a fresh perspective on life & guidance to refocusing my goals so that I can live each day to its fullest potential.”
“Career Guidance”
“During quarantine, I’ve had a lot of time to think about the future and wanted to use @PsychicEncounters as a guide to help adjust to some big life changes we have coming up. I also wanted some guidance with my career to help drive me to new possibilities!”
“Inspired and Positive”
“After the call, I felt inspired, positive, calm and connected. It was such a fun thing to try!”
“Available 24/7”
“Easiest reading I have ever had and all from my phone! Psychic Encounters is super convenient and available 24/7 through their chat feature or phone to deliver accurate psychic readings.”
“Not Alone”
“When life gets challenging, you can count on @psychicencounters to be here for you. You are not alone! “
“Therapeutic Experience”
“Such a good reading, seriously getting emotional. It just feels so nice to have a different perspective and to have some clarity on something that you know has been weighing heavy on my heart. That was such a great experience I highly highly highly recommend Psychic Encounters. I’m on cloud nine right now. I feel so good, that was so therapeutic.”
“Clarity on Life”
“I just did my first reading with @psychicencounters and it gave me clarity on my love life, career, and friendships. If you’re somebody like me, who has looked into your horoscope and/or your love language, you’ve probably been curious about a psychic reading. Psychic Encounters caters to the curious at heart who have a deep desire for new perspectives.”

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