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Helps you overcome issues with patience.

Specializes in: Love, Money, Life Path

I prepare for my readings by asking for only the most accurate of answers to be received. I became fully aware that I had a psychic gift when I was seven years old. I would keep getting dreams that would make little to no sense, yet something told me to investigate further. Now I receive dreams involving premonitions of people that are close to me and of my own situations in life.

I only use tarot cards to answer your questions. At times I can sense emotions through temperature changes and physical sensation.

Psychic readings are a way of self-improvement, healing, changing fate, and a way of avoiding unnecessary conflict. The answers from readings can remain a life-long lesson (a beneficial change to your personality or situation) and can even lower one's own ego.

My hopes for my callers are that they receive answers that can help them on their own journey of life and that they'll be happy with our shared divination experience.

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