Westley $0.99/min.

Provides counseling for the spiritually minded.

Specializes in: Love, Money, Life Path

I read Tarot cards in the Rider-Waite tradition, Mme. Lenormand cards and regular playing cards. I am an intuitive who is empathic and clairaudient. My own gifts are greatly enhanced through reading different types of cards. In addition to cards, I use runes, Astrology, numerology, crystals and candle work in my readings.

Everything is energy. I am a firm believer that positive manifestation is sparked by the creative force of fire energy (candles) and its healing light that is communicated through Spirit. As I am clairaudient, I feel the strongest connection through your voice vibrations during phone readings.

My specialties are career, romantic love and dating, astrology and soulmate relationships. Please know that whatever you are facing, you don’t have to go through it alone. Let us take a look at and break down those everyday challenges together. I am looking forward to offering you new clarity and peace of mind.