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Clears the path to your life purpose.

Specializes in: Love, Money, Departed Loved Ones

One constant in my work is the immense compassion I feel and radiate for others. I have been described as incredibly accepting, respectful, clear, joyful, comforting, encouraging and most important to me aware and connected. I would like my callers to feel that I am fully present with them and accept them wherever they may be in their life space.

Most important to me is that my clients feel the love and acceptance I exude as the truth of their own being unravels. I want my clients to know that no matter how they feel, what they have done or have not done, or who they are or are not, there is unconditional love available for them in the dark places.

I specialize in love, life goals, chakra balancing, aura healings, Reiki sessions, the art of meditation, the energy of power crystals, psychic readings, Buddhist teachings, Tarot card readings, and Astrology readings.

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