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Empowers self-healing in relationships.

Specializes in: Love, Money, Life Path

For me, readings are all about energy. It is how I connect with my clients and the divine. I find it important to begin by creating the right internal and external environment. I cleanse my room often with frankincense and have crystals placed around my table. Internally, I find meditation and chanting with my mala helpful to align my charkas and raise my vibration.

I never meant to be involved in any kind of intuitive work. Growing up, I knew I was intuitive. But it was not until a world religions project led me to interview a wiccan priestess. There was something about her that I wanted a part of. I bought my first deck after that interview and began studying metaphysics.

A few years later the universe led me to my first tarot teacher. She insisted I read in her friend's shop and the rest is destiny. I have been reading professionally for seven years but it has been thirteen years since I bought my first tarot deck.

My readings are all about empowering. How can I help you access the life of your dreams? What are the things standing in your way? What tools do you need to move past them and most importantly, what is the underlying energic influences creating patterns in your life? I firmly believe in providing my clients with information and strategies that are applicable to their lives and work!

I am firm but kind, straightforward and empathetic.