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Relates to you on a spiritual and emotional level.

Specializes in: Love, Money, Life Path

As a young curious child I had always wondered where people go when they die. At nine years old I had my first spirit encounter after my neighbor passed away. She appeared to me in full color and in person, waving goodbye, crying and smiling to me as she disappeared. After that incident I was a true believer in the afterlife. I had had many time traveling experiences, OBEs, and precognitive dreams.

Since 1975, I have studied tarot, palmistry, dream Interpretation and astrology. By the mid 1980s I established myself in the field of metaphysics and did readings at numerous psychic fairs.

In 1990 I established myself in the field of metaphysics. I did readings at numerous psychic fairs, private parties, coffee houses, restaurants and events. I assisted at a pet hospital where I established my ability to understand pets and their needs.

In 1995, I did pet psychic readings for many pet owners and at pet fairs as well. I also did psychic fairs and events and I became a certified astrologist.

I seek to bring light to any situation helping others create the life they desire through my readings with regard to romance, career, health, travel, and family matters.