Sorani $0.99/min.

Helps you understand how energy impacts your life.

Specializes in: Love, Money, Life Path

I meditate before each reading, to clear any stagnant energy. When I am speaking with a caller, I ask their first name so that I can quickly connect through energy and spirit. I feel their energy from my angels and spirit guides.

I have had my psychic gift my entire life. I recognized my gift when I was about four or five years old. I did not quite understand it. But I soon learned to use my gift to help others and give insight into the future. I have been reading professionally for the past five years.

I can quickly pick up on a lot of information with little or no info from the caller. I can quickly tap into a person's energy and receive messages from angels and spirit guides to give instant insight into any and all situations. I love being a psychic because I feel that psychics help people by giving guidance and a glimpse into the future and answers and help are always a good thing.

My hopes is that my callers receive peace of mind and clarity on anything on their mind. My hope is that they leave the conversation with answers, insight, and positivity about their path in life.