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My first encounter with my gift was when I was about seven years old. There was a lady who lived down the street who was a complete stranger to me. I had an overwhelming feeling and felt the need to go and talk to her. So I did just that, I ran up to her and said, "You are going to have a son with blonde hair, green eyes and a birthmark on his right knee" and I ran straight home.

My mother saw what I did and she knew I had the gift. A few weeks passed and that same woman came to the door in tears saying "how did she know?" Previously, doctors had said that she was unable to conceive. Later on when that baby boy was born, he looked just how I described. From that day on, I devoted my life and began my training with the help of my mother and with tools ancient and new age, which allows me to shed light into any situation no matter how complex.

I am psychic. I am able to tell you about the past, present and the future.I am clairvoyant. I am able to see above and beyond my psychic abilities: the who, what, when, where and why. I am empathic. I have the ability to understand and share feelings from another being.

With over ten years of experience, readings with me are nonjudgmental, compassionate, inspirational, straightforward, and always confidential. No matter how unique or complex your situation may be, I can give you the clarity and guidance that you deserve.