Sarama $0.99/min.

Gives timelines and straightforward guidance.

Specializes in: Love, Money, Life Path, Departed Loved Ones

I was born to give clarity to people who are lost on their path or confused about an important decision. When I connect, I feel and see what people are thinking and hoping for. I can see the truth, even if it is too difficult to explain. That is my gift, you do not need to inform me of anything, I just see it, sense it, feel it.

I am very detailed, straightforward and to the point. I am a strong woman, a laser focused advisor, and a compassionate healer. I am blunt and honest, tough love. We all need to understand that life is not fair and we just have to accept that. The people I connect with have a very difficult time of accepting that and that is ok, but once they "see" the obstacles, know "why" they lay in their path, "when" it all started and the "how" they need to change it, they then begin to take that chance and make the changes in their life for the better.

Highly intuitive people sometimes need a guide to help them, that is where I come in. I can and will help guide all who seek help from me.