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Eases your concerns with tact and integrity.

Specializes in: Love, Money, Departed Loved Ones, Life Path

When I was about five years old I began getting information that was unusual, but very accurate. My mother, a Croatian psychic, encouraged this information and nurtured my talent.

As a child, I worked as an actress and model, which gave me the confidence to deal with many different kinds of people. I continued as a working actress and standup comedian into my adulthood. Being psychic, it can be quite strange to be on stage as a comedian and pick up information from the audience. A quirky and vulnerable place to be, to say the least! 

I started doing tarot for friends in the mid-80s and progressed to doing professional readings shortly after. It gives me such joy to give readings and help people on their path. It gives me a sense of completeness and right livelihood. I especially enjoy giving inspirational readings. I absolutely adore my regular clients and have developed such a wonderful rapport and friendship with them. I look forward to the new clients that want readings with me.

At times I use angel cards, but mostly focus on tarot. They are beautiful and colorful and the messages are very clear. I am also clairvoyant and an empath.

I look forward to doing readings for you and assisting you in the changes you want to make!

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