Sandeepa $0.99/min.

Relays important messages with uplifting purpose.

Specializes in: Love, Life Path

I have always been connected to spirit and the magic in the everyday world. I have always loved angels, but in the last seven years my experiences have become more intense and I have learned how to listen and hear their divine messages. Discovering Reiki in 2012 opened more psychic gifts and more layers opened up after becoming a master in 2017.

I have been seeing clients for about five years now, for Reiki and angel sessions. Currently, I own a vast collection of angel, fairy and nature based Oracle and Tarot decks, my collection nears fifty in the space I conduct readings.

Your reading is a conversation with your angels and spirit team offering insight and guidance for your consideration. In this role, I am just vessel allowing for that conversation to occur. You always have free will and the choice to do what you wish with the information provided. I look forward to working with you and your angels and spirit team.