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Examines your love life through clairvoyant eyes.

Specializes in: Love, Money, Life Path

At the age of nine, my abilities began to manifest. I spent much of my earlier years traveling the world and studying spiritual paths. This gave me great insight and the ability to see how the collective consciousness works and breaks down into and affects relationships in social groups. I spent ten years working with big cats, which strengthened my insight into my intuitive abilities. Being in-tune to their moods and being able to read them was important for my survival.

I love to help people gain better insight into their life and clear up any confusion, mental or emotional. I have been a professional intuitive life coach and psychic for over thirty years. My specialties are expansive, and I have the ability to guide you through your challenges by breaking down walls with ease. I am also full moon expert and have studied for many years the effect the moon has on people and animals. I also take great pride as a Mercury retrograde expert and can help you navigate what can often be a challenging time. My hope is to give people a better understanding of themselves and their relationships with those they love and the people around them on a daily basis.