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Reads your energy to predict your future.

Specializes in: Love, Life Path

I first connect with a caller by asking their name and date of birth, this helps me ultimately connect. However, if a caller wishes not to provide that info, that is okay as well. I also connect by hearing their voice and feeling their energy waves, their energy field and aura vibrations.

I have been naturally gifted and reading since the age of six, and reading professionally since the age of sixteen. I provide predictions, spiritual guidance and advice, to ensure the best spiritual path.

I have many success stories with helping my clients find the balance to reunite with their loved ones, find their right career path, and finding their own spirituality. Every day I help others to be on their right path and that benefits me greatly knowing I am helping.

My hopes for my callers are that they find their true peace and happiness. I hope my callers feel better about their choices, actions, and problems. That they can get a better night's sleep and feel their energies improving by knowing more.