Primrose $0.99/min.

Identifies karmic debt, helps you clear it.

Specializes in: Love, Money, Departed Loved Ones, Life Path

I prepare for a reading by going into a quiet place and completely clearing my mind. The first thing I do when connecting with a caller is ask for their name and date of birth. Immediately, I tune in into their situation and will give them a little of information that only they would know, so they can feel comfortable with the reading.

I discovered that I had abilities when I was five years old. I began to use my abilities at the age of eight. Professionally, I have been giving readings for over twelve years.

I feel a true connection to callers, I feel in my heart the pain that they hold, and I try to help them, so they can get on the right path in life. I give my readings with compassion, love, and care. I am grateful that I can help others when they feel that they are stuck in a situation. I can find a way out. I can give them clarity and guidance, and that truly fills my heart.