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Supports bringing peace, understanding, and growth.

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I like to prepare for a reading by first lighting sage and taking a second to calm my mind and open all my senses so I can get the best possible feel for the caller.

I have had psychic abilities basically my entire life. I have had dreams that always came true since I was a small child, and I always knew something bad was going to happen before it did. I have been able get messages from the dead sometimes, signs of things to come; although this doesn't happen very often.

I have been developing my psychic abilities with my tarot cards, they help me connect with the spirits and help me get a better feel for whomever I am doing a reading for.

My readings are unique by the fact that, I am not afraid to admit when I am wrong and go over the meanings of things in a better way, because if the reading does not feel right to me, I will keep going until it falls into place and everything feels as it should be with the reading.

Psychic readings to me are a way to help people live the best possible lives that they can. I truly hope I am able to touch people's lives and help them find their way, so they can be as happy as they possibly can be and have the best life they possibly can.