Potter $0.99/min.

Performs karmic cleansing and healing.

Specializes in: Life Path, Love, Money

Manifestation is the game of life! We manifest every situation in our life to teach us lessons about who we are, what our purpose is, and where we are heading. Yes, I said it.... every situation in your life is something your soul signed up to experience here on Earth. I believe in taking responsibility for where we are today because we chose this life.

Now, are you surrounded by situations in which you have "no control over?" Or, do you keep getting yourself into the same circumstances over and over again which has made you doubt your desires, capabilities, or even yourself? Well, it may be time to look into your belief systems and see what energy you are holding onto in your life that keeps bringing these instances back to you. Recognize, again, that your choices are what got you here today. Many times, the issues we have are unknown to us because they are deep in our subconscious mind. Remember, this is your life and it is unfolding the way you wanted. Taking accountability is the first step in creating lasting change.

As an emotional intuitive, my first connection is to your emotional body, which I use to decipher through the energy fields that are attracting your current life to you. I am not here to say, "poor you..." I am here to inspire change in your life from inside your own energetic fields. I have many psychic abilities and skills (all the clair abilities plus Tarot, pendulum, etc.) to help guide us, though, every reading is different and I do not guarantee any of these gifts in any particular reading. The energy you bring to our call, plus your willingness to hear messages are what set the complainers apart from the changers. Allow your mind and heart to open, give me a call, and let us see what we can transmute for you today.