Padrika $0.99/min.

Tells you what she sees so you don’t have to ask.

Specializes in: Love, Money, Departed Loved Ones, Life Path

There is no need to ask questions, I will see much more than the answers you are seeking. I have been doing psychic readings for over forty five years, with sixteen years experience on a psychic line, so any concerns you have about psychic phone connections can be put to rest.

As far back as I can remember, I just knew things before they happened or what someone was going to say before they uttered a word. I started paying attention to my abilities, and as I continuously tapped into them they got stronger and stronger. I am clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient and claircognizant. I also get messages from the other side that your loved ones bring to me.

I have studied the influences of crystals and stones. Everything that comes from the earth has energy. The energies from each crystal or stone have specific purposes. They also have connections to the sun signs that impact your everyday life. Sun sign energies of each different sign also have influence on the interactions between each other. Incorporating the stone and crystal energies for the sun signs of each individual can assist in achieving harmony in the interactions between them, be it romantic or otherwise. I can assist you in discovering which ones are best for your sun sign and needs.

I am sincere, honest, compassionate empathic and care deeply about your concerns. I would be honored to take a psychic look into your present and upcoming future and help you navigate through this amazing journey through life.