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Moves you toward the future you desire.

Specializes in: Love, Money, Departed Loved Ones, Life Path

I like to connect with my callers by sometimes asking them to meditate with me for a few moments before our reading starts. If they have a white candle near, I ask them to light it.

I discovered I was psychic at the age of nine. My first vision was of my grandmother. I was staying the weekend with my grandmother in the big city, she was a very well-known psychic. I was sleeping and thought that I had a bad dream. I saw a vision of my grandmother dead due to an accident. She was just about to walk out for her usual coffee run. I quickly ran to her and pleaded for her not to leave me. I was trembling with fear, so she listened, calmed me down and then five minutes later where my grandmother would have been walking to get her coffee, a electric pole fell down in the middle of the street, destroyed the sidewalk and injured another man. My Grandmother thanked me for saving her life, and revealed that I was born with the same ability she had. I have been reading professionally for ten years.

I am able to tap into your energy. I do not ask you any questions, I just go straight forward. No sugar coating or beating around the bush. I can help you guide your life, so you get back on the right track.