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Nurtures the spirit through communication.

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I work with your spirits and angels around you and within you to support you in finding the core answers. I can let you know what I see with the current energy at the time of the call. I am an intuitive healer and work with unblocking stagnant energies in the aura. Many of my clients are healers themselves. I want my callers to feel empowered to find transformation as a possibility that they can create. I do not predict future or time lines. I like my clients to take a couple of deep breaths to get grounded and to say their name three times.

I have always had a calling since childhood to know Spirit. I saw energy as a young child and did not understand it and was frightened by it. When I came to know what I saw I felt protected. I am compassionate, empathic and receive clairaudient messages from Spirit. I believe that there is a higher power and daily meditation, reflection and prayer are vital to keep our souls nourished.

My readings reflect what I have learned over the years from my psychic classes, metaphysical studies and life experiences. I have undergone challenges of losing loved ones to death. I have been through a very rocky relationship and through every situation in my life I have found the positivity. Through each challenge of life, I grew immensely.

I am developing the skills of mediumship. I often pick up on loved ones who have crossed over.

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