Montana $0.99/min.

Guides you through chaos to find peace.

Specializes in: Love, Money, Departed Loved Ones, Life Path

To prepare for my readings, I clear my energy through meditation. I ask the Angels and Spirit to guide me to provide the most accurate and uplifting readings possible. I connect to the caller with their birthdate, and I then tap into their energy.

I discovered my psychic abilities at the age of six when I saw my passed grandmother on the end of my bed. It frightened me, so I hid and stifled my abilities for many years. I rediscovered them in 2007, and I have been doing professional readings for eleven years now.

I provide accurate readings that guide the caller to lift up their Spirit and grow into their best life possible.I love to hear the caller's feedback and to help them as much as possible. The benefits are for myself and the caller. I know that I helped them, and this gives me great satisfaction. It also helps to develop my abilities further.

I hope that my callers connect to Spirit and believe in their own intuition. I hope that they grow as a person and spiritually through my readings.