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Empowers you as the creator of your own life.

Specializes in: Love, Life Path

When I do a reading the first thing I will do is ask the caller their name, their zodiac sign, and what information they're seeking. I can really get a feel for your energy the more I hear your voice. I like to spread my cards out and mix them and put pink light through my hands into the cards.

Pink, more specifically Magenta is the color of Harmony, Love, and Emotional Balance, it is also the color of my aura. If the information requested needs specific advice or extra clarity I will use my pendulum as an extension of my intuition to help me pull the cards. If energy is really muddled or there is something negative in the air, I will use my Tibetan singing bowls to ring out the bad energy and metaphorically clear the clouds out of the sky.

To me, Tarot is tuning into a higher power for guidance. Nothing about Tarot is set in stone, but as people we can lose trust in our gut feelings and Tarot is about using your intuition with another person's gift to tune into higher guidance. My goal through Tarot is to empower people to trust their feelings and guide them through tough times.

My passion in life is helping people feel worthwhile and lifting their self-esteem. As someone who was broken early in life, I have had to learn how to rebuild from the ground up. I understand what it's like to feel lower than dirt and I don't want that for anyone on this Earth. I want you to believe in the power of you and your greatness.

I am a very honest, straightforward person and my readings reflect that, it's a blessing and a curse, but I believe in radical empathy, I don't judge, I simply seek to understand and ask questions. If you want honesty, understanding, and emotional balance, I'm the right psychic for you.

My hopes for all my callers is to help you find clarity and emotional stability in your life.

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