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Empowers you as the creator of your own life.

Specializes in: Love, Life Path

I believe that we are all spiritually connected to assist in individual and collective journeys of growth.

My practice is reading Tarot because I believe the cards are very reminiscent of Carl Jung's archetypes. Many people believe psychology and psychic abilities are from two separate worlds, one based in scientific evidence and the other omnipotent superstition, but I believe that the one cannot exist without the other. My personal style is rooted in the combining of psychology and intuition. We all have a connection to our intuition, but often ignore it or explain it away with logic. By using proven scientific tools, I aim to encourage and empower my clients to reinforce their gut feelings so your inherent nature to find evidence enhances your ability to find the truth instead of keeping you under the veil of mystery.

I believe that we can predict the future through gaining insight and understanding of how this present moment evolved from our pasts. My goal is to enable my clients to make decisions that will benefit their souls journey and guide them toward self love.