Lina $0.99/min.

Brings light to remove dark clouds of confusion.

Specializes in: Love, Departed Loved Ones, Life Path

Before each reading I meditate for a few minutes to make sure my energy is clear to view your situation perfectly. I am a third generation psychic, I inherited my gift from my mother and grandmother. They realized I had the ability to see into other people's lives when I was seven and they helped train me until I was thirteen.

My training included learning how to read the Tarot, reading energies, palms, and auras. They had thought me also how to meditate, visualize, use white light, and how to balance chakras. I have been providing readings professionally for fifteen years now

I do not sugar coat, I am very honest, I do not judge. I have read for thousands of people, so I do understand that it is very important to be open minded. I am compassionate, and I try my best to comfort each and every one of my clients

I like helping someone see the light about a current relationship so they stop wasting their time, or to help someone make the right life path. It warms my heart knowing that I helped.