Byrd $0.99/min.

Restores your faith in endless opportunities.

Specializes in: Love, Money, Life Path

My clairvoyant and clairaudient gifts allow me to connect with you without using any tools. I tap into your energy with your name and date of birth. My answers are geared to your questions and I give guidance to help you long after we have finished the call. As an interfaith minister I am not judgmental of anyone or any situation. Feel free to tell me your deepest secrets because they are safe with me.

I have been using healing energy for over thirty years and that allows me to help educate the client on how to remove any negative feelings or energies that are blocking them from having a wonderful and fulfilled life. I will always guide you to a positive place and you will come away with clarity.

If you are looking for someone who is straightforward and will tell you the truth then call me today.