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Specializes in: Love, Life Path

I have been in love with the symbolic for over twenty years. From dreams to Tarot to Animal Medicine, I have come to embrace that there is always a "between the lines" ready to be found and a story connecting all of us in our divinity.

My intuitive skills were honed from an early age with a tumultuous childhood. I overcame chronic nightmares as a teen by learning the purpose of dreams and how to interpret them. This led to a fascination with Tarot, the works of Carl Jung on the levels of mind, and the wisdom within Nature.

I discovered that my ability to sense the energy and emotions of others was being an Empath, and the inner voices I heard were Spirit guides. I began doing readings for friends and family by my early twenties, then started advising professionally in 2012.

A life-long student, I have studied metaphysics, neo-shamanism, and many belief systems. I have taught classes and workshops about how to manifest desires, abundance, concentration, meditation, dream interpretation, intuitive development, and visualization skills. I specialize in nature augury: the practice of using signs and symbols in nature for insight and guidance.

My Spirit guides communicate to me the messages my clients need to create a life they love and align with their purpose. I dedicate my entire toolbox of skills to empower my clients to remember the creators they were born to be.

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