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I knew from a very young age that I was different in a unique and complex kind of way. Officially, my spiritual awakening and journey began in 2014 but I have been aware of Spirit since the tender age of five. You see, what I thought were my special imaginary friends, were actually souls around me trying to get my attention. Sadly I was the only one in my household that would admit to seeing and hearing the many bright, bursting lights around me. My family at the time did not choose to or want to entertain what I was experiencing. The funny part of all of this, is the irony that as I started to opening up to my true self, I discovered that on both sides of my mother and my father's families have many quite gifted beings with a plethora of abilities.

As far as I know at this time, my abilities consist of me being a psychic medium, an intuitive empath,  a clairvoyant, a claircognizant, a clairaudient, a telepath; and these are just a few of my abilities that I know of and use daily in my energy work. And I know as I grow in my spiritual journey that more abilities will reveal themselves.

I have been doing psychic readings professionally since 2015. My reading style comes from a place of love, compassion but very straightforward; that means I am not willing to give a sugar-coated version of truth in order to make someone feel comfortable. I want to see anyone in a good place but with that being said, it is imperative that I am honest, authentic, and organic in my delivery.

I am so humble and thankful for every experience I have had to get to this point in my life. At the end of the day, I just want to follow my soul's purpose and be a help to people wherever I can. With everything that I have been blessed to see and experience; spreading love and hope is the very least I can do.