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Employs all her senses to guide you.

Specializes in: Love, Life Path

I prepare for my readings by clearing all of my decks and asking the Universe and my guides to use me as a clear channel to provide the client with beneficial information.

I discovered my psychic abilities a few years ago. I developed them after my spiritual awakening by tuning into my intuition and source. Meditating is one of the ways I developed them as well.

My clairsentient abilities allow me to pick up on energy and use it to guide the readings. My leadership and life coaching background allows me to provide the client with information regarding their life and guidance to take.

Psychic readings are a way to channel my energy and connect to the Universe and Divine. If used properly, it can benefit the collective and allow them to connect to their intuition as well.

My hope that you feel comfortable and resonate with at least one thing I tell you. If you resonate with more, then I am doing a great job. My goal is to provide you with the information necessary for your particular situation.

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