Hartley $0.99/min.

Channels psychic messages to broaden horizons.

Specializes in: Love, Money, Departed Loved Ones, Life Path

I am a very gifted psychic and medium. I receive past, present and future information, down to the day and month. I give predictions of the heart, love, relationships, career, financial difficulties or financial growth with an accurate time frame.

I give past life readings. I can tell you who your soulmate was at that time, how many times you have been born in this world, and who you have been with. How many times you have been with that particular soulmate. I can confirm accurate past lives, your name and even what your past career was, throughout your lives. How many children you had and how you passed on.

I communicate with the dead. I can find and locate people who are missing. I have located missing pets and assisted in finding items, from your car keys to a family heirloom, jewelry, etc.

I am also able to communicate with your pet and give them a voice to tell you what is really going on in their little minds. What their dislikes and likes really are. I love to assist and bring people and pets home before it is too late.

I use myself as a tool, bringing the spiritual to the physical. There are many questions out there and I believe you need answers. I would love to assist you in this matter. I look forward in enlightening your life. I have been given this gift from God for you to believe there is so much more than the here and now. Skeptics welcome.