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Gives caring and perceptive readings.

Specializes in: Love, Money, Life Path

The first time I found I had psychic ability was at age five. My mother had taken me to the market and she pushed me in the cart while she shopped, I told her about each of the people we passed in the aisles. Her friends, our neighbors. As I was telling her 'what I heard,' her eyes widened.

She whispered to me, "How do you know she doesn't love her husband? How could you know he cannot get a job? Have you been spying?"

"No, no!" I told her. "It all just came into my head when they said hello!" Little did I know these 'voices' were only heard by me. And somehow, I knew these people's desires and needs.

As I grew older I developed my gift. I have studied with homeopathic healers, therapists, and have worked with other psychics to learn to sharpen my psychic abilities.

Today I am an empath, a healer, and an intuitive psychic. Now I not only know what people need and want, I know how help them get it. My readings reflect my empathy and understanding. I will help you remove the blocks and walls keeping you from living your best you.

I specialize in career, relationships, and love.