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Identifies karmic debt, helps you clear it.

Specializes in: Love, Money, Departed Loved Ones, Life Path

I was very aware of my abilities as a young child. This is a gift that has been passed down to me from my mother and from her mother. It is a gift that has run in my family for many generations, through every female. So, I was aware of my gift that I have been blessed with. With the help of my mother and grandmother, I became one with my spirit and developed very strong abilities to help those in need of guidance. I have been helping people for over twenty years.

I am very straightforward, to the point, I do not beat around the bush. I do not sugarcoat. I am very direct, but in a very loving and compassionate way to make my client feel comfortable. I am a nonjudgmental advisor. I am here to give you my advice in what I see and what your spirit guides want you to be aware of.

My clients and the advice that I give them is very important to me, I like to see my clients benefit and help them to go forward.

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