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Points out the karmic ties in your relationships.

Specializes in: Love, Departed Loved Ones, Life Path

To prepare for readings, I anoint my alter with positive energy and spiritual meditative blessings, while asking my angels and spirit guides to open the path to those who are searching for peace of mind, clarity, hope, and answers to understand all that is given to them in a time of need. And to give me the ability to pass them the key, to unlock that door.

I discovered my gift at the very young age of five, as I am a seventh generation of Nostradamus. With over twenty five years of experience, I will be able to provide you with accurate time frames, who is your soulmate, tell you what your lover thinks about you, and will communication get better. How is your career path going? If you are gifted. What color is your chakra. Get confirmation of your astral travel dreams and past lives.

Readings are like valuable pieces of life that need to be mended back with gold. We wear our issues like a soldier wears its scars and proudly show them as proof that they survived a war of hurt, pain & suffering. The goal is to shed light on each caller who is going through that dark tunnel of confusion, heartache, tiredness, discouragement, stress and anxiety.