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  • Cindy
    Oct 2021
    Great. To the point. No sugar coat even if that’s what you want to hear! Honest, blunt and good
  • Anonymous
    Sep 2021
    Quick witted!
  • Anonymous
    Sep 2021
    Always upfront, straight to the point. Succinct, & fast answers!
  • Clara
    Sep 2021
    She was rude. NEVER AGAIN!
  • Vanessa
    Aug 2021
    Straight to the point and very accurate!
  • Nirpendra
    Aug 2021
    Thanks, Cipriana for a good quick read.
  • Joan
    Aug 2021
    If you want a straight-shooter and willing to open yourself up to some constructive criticism - well, than this is your psychic! Will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear - only way you can move forward - truth!
  • Elaine
    Aug 2021
    Initially was confused with the information then realized I was thinking of one person and she was connecting to who I should be paying attention to.
  • Anonymous
    Aug 2021
    Excellent reader. I don’t get why people give down ratings to psychics. I’ve always been satisfied w the readings. It seems some people thrive on the idea they can damage someone’s business because they have a compulsive urge to hate!
  • Tammy
    Jul 2021
    She was great and is great at what she does.