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Sets you on a path toward spiritual enlightenment.

Specializes in: Love, Money, Life Path

I bring a sensitive, intuitive spirituality to my tarot, tea leaf, and angel card readings, incorporating numerology, astrology, relationship and spiritual counseling into my sessions. I studied Dream Interpretation with the Jungian Institute in Pittsburgh, PA, and am able to interpret dreams for my clients. Although I have over ten tarot decks, I find myself currently drawn to the whimsical and Mystical Cats tarot, and on the opposite end, the intriguing Llewellyn deck with symbols of the King Arthur Era (for more serious readings). I find great inspiration from the mystical pictures of both decks.

Besides being a psychic reader, I am also an artist. My artwork can be described as mystical with a bit of Oriental influence. I even began designing my own tarot deck! I aspire to the color purple, which has the highest resonance on the color wheel and is the color of spirituality. I look forward to helping you to aspire to your highest self. My specialties relationships, career, life direction, animals, dreams, and past lives.