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Relates to you while connecting to the other side.

Specializes in: Love, Departed Loved Ones, Life Path

I am Irish. When I was four, my grandmother was not surprised that I played alone in the forest. I did not know that I was playing alone. Granny said I was able to see things that not everyone else could. She did too, as well as my Mum. In Ireland, it is normal to see things that others do not see. As I grew up and went to school, I had ordinary friends and did ordinary things, but I could tell the difference between here and there.

Over my lifetime, I have studied and trained with a wide variety of teachers and mentors. I use various types of disciplines when I work, and at times a combination of methods, generally it has to be via Spirit. I always ask permission to have access to you and any individual/s for which you need clarification. Almost all readings are about interaction in society and many forget the most important relationship: your relationship with yourself!

Being a psychic medium, clairvoyant, and clairsentient, I use crystals, cards and a pendulum. However, the initial information comes mostly through Spirit. If I am not connecting, I will say so immediately. In my over thirty years of providing guidance it has happened only perhaps three times, so please feel confident when you call me.

I am very good with relationships, and other areas of your life that need focus. I always ask you for the general area you want to work in. I have discovered that I receive a lot of information that you may not interested in, and it helps to focus on your questions. You may not be interested in what your ancestors are suggesting. I do not need any information, I prefer you to have confidence in my opening read, then we can go onto the areas you may be examining to improve your life and wellbeing.