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I always knew growing up that I was "different." As young as age six, I was able to sense and have premonitions about things that had not occurred yet. As a natural born empath, picking up on people's emotions came naturally and for a long time before knowing what exactly I was experiencing, it caused stress. I could not understand how I was able to connect to people and read into situations without trying.

Over time, and after years of research and studying, I was able to harness my God given gifts and help people. People have always gravitated to me. Strangely, animals as well. I was always nicknamed the "dog whisperer" as dogs in particular always changed their actions and emotions when I was around. It is as if they sensed one of their own or someone who understood them.

Everyone I connect with leaves the conversation feeling uplifted and empowered, with new clarity. I bring a sense of humor to any situation and what I like to refer to as "psychic bedside manner." I am nonjudgmental and even if a client does not like what I see or feel, they always take the best away from my reading.

I wish the best outcome for all my clients. I feel I was put on this earth to help and guide people. I take pride in every reading and give my absolute, best, most direct attention to each individual.

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