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Encourages with warmth, predicts with accuracy.

Specializes in: Love, Life Path

My psychic journey began when I was eight years old. While walking home from school, I had an epiphany. I saw that God is everywhere. God is within you, within me, within all of us on the journey that is life. That truth has guided me to seek tools and understanding of how we can reconnect with that light within.

I have been giving readings for the three decades. Astrology, Tarot, Reiki, numerology, clairvoyance, dream interpretation, and channeling are tools that I use. I do not channel angels or guides, other than your true guides and the Ascended Masters.

I always compare what we are told by guidance with current Astrological influences. There are times when psychic readings can be confusing and clarity is hard to find. Through Astrology I can confirm that you are receiving truth.

Truth and clarity are the gifts given through a reading. Let those gifts be yours today!