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Listens to your spirit guides to share messages.

Specializes in: Love, Departed Loved Ones, Life Path

I feel that sharing my gift is my mission and calling. My first messages from Spirit were received through my dreams when I was a child. I began my spiritual journey in Mexico with a Master from India who confirmed I was being called on by Spirit. Inspired, I began a lifelong study of yoga and other philosophies to understand the paranormal phenomena I encountered.

My readings reflect the lessons and insight I have gained from various Yogis, Native American healers, spiritualists, metaphysical groups, distant travels, and Curanderos. My formal psychic training was in Mexico City with a famous healer and spiritualist, Elvarita Morgado Estrada. It was under her wing that my natural abilities flourished.

Since then, I have greatly expanded my abilities and teachings. I feel deeply in touch with the presence of angels, guides, animals, and nature and I communicate with them to deliver messages from other realms. With twenty-five years of experience, I now do readings on the phone in both English and Spanish.

I use my channeling abilities to gather information to positively guide my clients. My passion is counseling and guiding others through my connections with my teachers and masters of metaphysics. I am an intuitive psychic, spiritual counselor, medium, and clairvoyant.

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